4 major tips for expatriates in Dubai

4 major tips for expatriates in Dubai

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If you have been wanting to move in one of the apartments for sale in City walk Dubai and permanently shift in this city. We would start by congratulating you on this decision. Dubai is indeed a fantastic city to make your home in and there are plenty of reasons why people from all corners of the world come here to try their fortune.

In terms of weather, it is usually arid in Dubai and the tropical climate stays here for 8 months a year. During this time, residents can relish uninterrupted sunshine, clear blue skies and several outdoor activities.

Generally, the standard of living in Dubai is pretty high and residents here can enjoy a lot of benefits of tax-free living. Besides the city also takes pride in low crime rates.

However, people coming from well-developed western countries face plenty of challenges during summer. The temperature in Dubai can easily cross 50-degree celsius and the humidity level can even touch 100%!

Considering such harsh climatic conditions, the blog would talk about some effective tips every expatriate should know before coming to Dubai and settling in.

Beat the heat!

Living and constantly working at a temperature that your body is not used to can pave way for a number of health problems. The health-related problem occurs mostly because the body can not function properly at a temperature that it is not accustomed to. Furthermore, excessive sun exposure and physical activity can lead to muscles cramps, exhaustion, severe heart stroke and heat rashes.

In situations like these, one should use some common sense and rather going out for physical exertion, stay at home and work indoors. If you happen to be an outdoor person, we advise you to choose mornings or the times when the heat is not as pronounced. Furthermore, you should drink a good amount of water during any physical activity and do not go under the sun unless necessary.

Get your health insurance updated

Every resident of Dubai is provided with standard health insurance under the scheme suggested by  Dubai Health Authority. This coverage provides you with accesses to many hospital facilities and DHA clinics.

Unfortunately, the insurance does not cover dermatology related issues and maternity coverage. Nevertheless, it cuts a significant amount of cost from your medical bills and therefore, the first thing that every expatriate should do after coming to Dubai is to get medically insured.

A lot of ex-pats also opt for higher-level coverage in which they get to see a specialist without any recommendation from a general professional.

Before getting any medical coverage, every expatriate must never forget is to read check the recommendation for inclusive coverage for a price. Another important thing is to check and read health insurance coverage and understand everything it offers and does not offer. Since settling for poor coverage can be a financial disaster, we recommend you choose better insurance coverage.

Emergency Care

Another thing that one must never skip to do is get all the telephone numbers in hand. That is because you never know when would you know need to call your specialist, GP  or any other health care provider. Also, you should know all the hospitals near your locality and every service that offer and that they do not.

Maintain your exercise schedule and keep eating healthy

Although Dubai is the heaven for the yummiest junk food, if you are new in the city and you are not used to its atmosphere, we suggest that you just stick to healthy foods. Although this should be the case while you are moving out to any new place, it is more important if Dubai is your destination, because stressful work life in Dubai coupled with extremely harsh weather condition can be already too much on your body.

Although the temperature in Dubai can be merciless, you must not see take it as an excuse for becoming a couch potato. Healthy eating and exercise are far more important during summers. Your healthy diet should be filled with lots of natural fluids, like water, fresh juices and cold soups. Although you would be naturally attracted to soft drinks and sugary cold brinks, you must avoid them all cost as considering this one can get severely dehydrated.

These were only 4 essential tips for expatiates and that too is because of the climatic condition. Besides, that, Dubai is a super friendly place that can easily turn into your home, so waste no more time and get a penthouse for sale in Dubai.