Advantages of Pop up counter in advertising world

Website pop-up counter are a common strategy applied to, for many reasons, it attract the attention of visitors. Pop-ups are automatically without any hindrance by the user. The content of pop-ups can change vary, from opt-in many kind intended to generate leads.

Branding and web design methods are always changing. As customer follows change, business owners and web hosts requireadapting. In the modern Internet time, is it still valuable including pop-ups?

Pop-ups counter are an effective way to advertise quick, simple feedback from your customers. If you can install a pop-up counter on your place, this way, you can easily deliver how customers feel about your products and quickly find any problems that visitors may have aimed for.

Benefits of pop up-counter

It is portable

The design of portable pop up counters has modernized over the years and many are easily converted. This delivers the potential for it to be transferred to many different events such as meetings, presentations and many more. It is of just being part of a wider stand, pop upcounters are able to be used as marketing tools on their own, which guides your branding to go with you.

Completely Customisable

The design of pop up counters has begun to move away from the classical design which appears nice but old. Instead, there is different kind of designs out there done from variety materials. Obviously, practicality comes to mind when choosing for pop up counters in these materials; however they deliver a slimand more professional look for your brand.


With low budgets which can leave very little space to makeover, it is essential for companies to gain the most from investments and the best methods of achieving this is to choose a pop- up counter which can be re-used. While premium counters can be costly, they assure that only high quality materials are employed and the promotional counter is developed to be used for the better future. This confirms the counter will remain at its best quality when travelling to different events.

It is helpful for customers because they had put attention to pop-up counter. So, it saves them multiple trips along store equipment to get better result.


You can make difference from other products on the shelf. Be innovative and print bestcolours on the POP up counter to be even more attractive.

This is truly advantageous as it same as the bestselling product. Also the products are made in such a method that customers can recognize them out easily. Because it appears exactly like their product on sale, the brand was able to develop greater visibility in the store.

Make the different products from the others

An original presentation makes your product appear more valuable in the attention of the customers. The retailers’ free standing presents put their product in the presentation even when surrounded by many of other similar products.

Increase your sales

A Pop up counter guides brands gain massive exposure. Also, it helps to do sudden purchase as the customer is attracted to choose one of your products when they pass by the present even though he was not planning to purchase it in the first place.

Overall, pop-up counter can have best results for your website if used correctly—but there’s a very thin line to handle. Pop-ups that a too distracting can influence visitors away from your site and increase your sale rates dramatically. When done well, however, pop-up counter can change your subscriber count, drive conversions and highlight important information.

This pop up counter by Roller Banners UK is lightweight, easily portable to various events and even positioned into position by any employed The trade show popup  counter is perfect for use as a pop upcounter at exhibitions and shows, or as in merchandising display at best stores or shopping centres to give samples to customers.