Places to eat in Knutsford

Knutsford is a popular tourist town in the Northwest of England with many side attractions and cultural landmarks. Due to the constant influx of tourists over the years, the town has witnessed the rise of many restaurants. Although Knutsford is famous for its remarkable estates and events such as the RHS Flower Festivals, what many do not know is that the town also boasts of some of the finest restaurants of any town in England.

For instance, in 2017, three of the restaurants here were nominated for the Cheshire Life Food and Drinks Awards under two categories. Restaurant of the year and Best afternoon. Two of the restaurants were crowned the best of the lot at the final awards ceremony. This only proves our point that Knutsford is the home of culinary wonders. 

With as many as 100 restaurants and cafes in the town, how do you know which one to patronize? Well, we have done the search for you. Here are some of the best places to eat in Knutsford.

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Brasserie Blanc

The Brasserie Blanc was awarded the Best Restaurant of the Year at the 2017 edition of the Cheshire Life Food and Drinks Awards. This restaurant has quite the menu. You can order delicious French Food, Wine, and a wide range of cocktails. The Brasserie is one of the several restaurants owned by Michelin-star Chef Raymond Blanc. 

Location: Royal George Building, Regent Street, Knutsford/ Website: 

Jacobs of Knutsford

The Jacobs of Knutsford is an exotic restaurant that serves diners contemporary British dishes. Jacobs is unlike its rivals. It is an open kitchen manned by friendly staff. The food tastes great and represents value for money. The atmosphere is also serene.

Location: 48 King Street, Knutsford / Website: 

  • Belle Epoque

The Belle Epoque is another famous restaurant in Knutsford. What sets Bella apart from rivals are two things. Firstly, the food is good as expected, but their bar is a sight to behold. It is stocked with assorted beverages you will love. Secondly, it has an event centre that hosts weddings and social events. It will also interest you to note that it is a popular spot of the Beckhams, especially when they lived in Cheshire.

Location: 60 King Street, Knutsford / Website:

  • Bells of Peover

Another good restaurant worth visiting is Bells of Peover. Bells offer classic menus, but it is their vegan dishes that set them apart. Vegans pick this restaurant as a popular hang-out because of the quality of their vegetarian dishes. Lest we forget, Bells of Peover also has a pub where beers, wines, champagne, and different cocktails are sold.

Location: Lower Peover, The Cobbles, Knutsford / Website: 

  • Church Hill Café

If you have a low budget or don’t want to spend too much on food, consider heading over to Church Hill Café. Their food may be affordable but make no mistake, they taste great. Their waiters and waitresses are friendly, and they offer a valuable service.

Location: Church Hill, Knutsford. / Website: 


Anytime you visit Knutsford, you can walk into any of these restaurants to have a good time. However, if you want special seat or menu reservations, you will have to make your bookings in advance.