The choice of materials for gutters

Gutters and downspouts protect the façade by collecting rainwater, eventually channeling it towards a collector and then reusing it and, at the same time, preventing possible infiltrations. In addition, they contribute in all respects to the aesthetics of the facade.

The criteria for the choice of materials are different: aesthetics, taste and climatic factors.

PVC gutter:

Inexpensive, easy to assemble (just glue it on) and simple to fix, a PVC gutter – also known as a plastic gutter – is resistant to wear and bad weather, with the exception of frosts. Also affected by hailstorms. It lasts an average of 15 years.

Copper gutter:

It can be modeled in any shape and over time a protective patina is created on the surface caused by the oxidation of the material itself. Very resistant to atmospheric agents and wear, it can last over half a century.

Galvanized sheet gutter:

It is the most traditional and widespread model. This material lasts an average of thirty years, it is rather resistant to oxidation, less to saltiness and oxidative pollution. To install and fix it requires a lot of attention and experience.

Subjected to thermal changes, galvanized eaves can lengthen or shorten. Such movements are compensated by the presence of the junction fittings, which prevent them from deforming and ensure their tightness.

Galvanized steel gutter:

In addition to being very economical, it is also a model that lasts a long time. Easy to assemble, its components are assembled ensuring an effective seal, just secure them with a silicone gasket.

Lacquered steel gutter:

In the lacquered version, the steel has a greater aesthetic effect with decorative effects. But it costs more than galvanized steel.

Aluminum gutter:

More moldable than the zinc gutter, the aluminum model is more resistant to wear (the only drawback: in regions where it freezes it can often dent easily). Available in different shades, it is less deformable and has a duration of over 20 years.

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