Types of Signage Materials and Tips for Choosing Right One

When it comes to choosing perfect signage materials that are going to display and deliver your message, you must opt for the right kind of material for the betterment of its purpose. Just like to take Foamex Sheets for construction hoarding or signage. Given below is the list of signage materials that you can select from by your requirements.


Corflute is considered to be amongst the most popular material when it comes to developing and manufacturing signage. There are certain characteristics of this material that make it a favorable choice. Some of these characteristics are lightweight and cost-effective. This material can also be considered to be one of the most versatile choices for hoarding printing. If you are looking forward to manufacturing bollard covers, standees, etc then it is a perfect choice.


If you are looking forward to manufacturing something on a temporary level then foam core could be considered to be a brilliant choice. People generally opt for this material when it comes to marketing; they are shows and events along with certain conferences that will land in a limited amount of time. But you should also keep in mind that this material is not recommended for outdoor usage.


For those who are looking forward to installing signage in outer premises for a significantly long amount of time, then aluminum is indeed a reliable choice for them. The thick material can stand firmly against the harshness of whether and could be considered as one of the most long-lasting ones.


If you need to switch your signage between outdoor and indoor stand acrylic material is suitable for that circumstance. It is also one of the most commonly used materials as reception signage. Most of the office environments and settings also consider using this material for its transparency and rigidness.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl is pronounced to be among the most versatile solutions when it comes to manufacturing fantastic signage. The outer surface energy durability of this material is highly regarded and preferred by leading manufacturers across the world. This material applies to a wide range of floors including concrete and would also. You should go for choosing this material if you need robustness and durability in the performance of your signage.

Given below are the tips that will help you in choosing the most relevant type of signage material. They promise to fulfill your hoarding printing requirement the most.

  • Keeping Both Indoors And Outdoors In Mind

Since you need to finalize where the sign is going to be located, you must first decide whether the material needs to be for serving the purpose indoors or outdoors. Keeping this in mind will help in making the best decision that is worth your investment.

If you are looking for materials that will be placed outdoors then you have to ensure that a kind of material that is durable should be selected. Since I’ve gone through the list of materials you will now be able to select one of the proposed materials easily.

  • Sticking To The Requirement And Budget

Keeping the price and relevancy of the material can be of great consideration if you need to make the best of the available resources. Knowing your requirement helps you in selecting the relevant kind of material which is often referred to by the leading signage manufacturers. Along with that, keeping your budget in check helps you in exploring and making a list of materials that fit in your plan.

  • Design And Usage Of The Signage

It is always better when you have a specific design in your mind before your approach a designer or manufacturer. Planning and design hoarding printing in advance helps you in confirming that the product is delivering the message. Similarly, considering the usage of the signage helps you in coming up with a durable and cost-effective solution that can last for years without failing.

As A Parting Thought, If you know previous experience in choosing the relevant type of signage material that this blog from Foamex Printing Company will help you in making better decisions. It is extremely important for those who are willing to approach hoarding printing services.